Chile Peppers Through The Ages
Some of the earliest references to the hot chili pepper appeared in 49 B.C, when In ancient Rome it is said that Pompeia, wife to the self-proclaimed Emperor Julius Caesar, gaffed with her offering of hot chiles on march 14th, just a day before her husband got the chop. "Eat vestri parvulus piper quod vos mos adeo haud vulnero" (Eat your hot chile pepper and you will come to no harm), proclaimed the less than sage-like wife on the eve of Caesar's assassination.

in the bible, Joshua, son of Hermetes and father to Don and Ray said "lo and behold unto him the gift of the hot chile pepper, for it has been said that he who endures the wrath of satan can further withstand the evil forces of the chile pepper and the pain and suffering that lies within".

During the Moors invasion of Europe in 711 A.D, Cederic the Moor was said to have regretted his not bringing along a jar of hot chile peppers for the trip, then mercilessly slew an entire township near a beachhead on Andalusia in Spain.

Adolf Hitler was said to be a fan of hot chiles and was attributed with the first recorded comment by a Dictator relating to ring-sting, documented in his autobiography 'Mein Kampf', (my Struggle). "Mein Gott, mein Esel ist auf Feuer" (My God, my ass is on fire), said Hitler, complaining bitterly as he struggled in the bathroom the morning after consuming too many hot chile peppers.

And finally, in 1963, June Carter, wife of the late Johnny Cash, became so incensed with her husbands hot pepper indulgence, that she co-penned the popular country song "Ring of Fire". It is said that the late Cash became so animated during his morning constitutional sessions that the police and paramedics were called out quite frequently to the Cash household. "He was as regular as clockwork and you could hear the screams three blocks away", commented neighbor Art Kanutzen.